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Chimborazo Playground needs YOU

The Friends of Chimborazo Playground need your help in building a new playground for our community. 
Like an old-fashioned barn raising, more than 300 volunteers will build a new playground from start to finish all in one day… Breakfast and lunch will be provided.
20 volunteers are needed September 3rd to help clear and prep the area, […]

You are going to have a great year!

Patience Salgado over at Kindness Girl has a great idea:

Meet me and other Guerrilla Goodness lovers in front of the Carillon (Bryd Park) at 3:00 pm on September 7th!
Here’s how it works:
1. I will pass out addresses to city schools and sidewalk chalk.
2. You head out with friends, family, kids, dogs, grandmothers, artists, […]

Graffiti Related To Best Friends Day?

A neighbor saw someone putting this graffiti on the Overlook this
morning. She described offender as a “bff scenster kid”.
“I saw him doing it. I was totally enraged…tired of all the beer
cans tossed everywhere, (am planning to go out and pick up some
later.) Two people in the townhouses came out though could not hear
exactly what was […]

Millie’s and RVA BBQ get a look from the Wall Street Journal

Raymond Sokolov rolled around Richmong eating BBQ for the Wall Street Journal. He gave over the last half of the article to Millie’s and had great things to say:

The menu is a deliberate fusion of ingredients and cuisines, concocted from ingredients gathered from nearby and the antipodes. Much of the food is prepared in a […]

Aggressive Dog on Buttermilk Trail

From Crime Watch captain Noah Rogers:
Please exercise caution when using the trails along the river ie. “the Buttermilk Trail”. I have received reports of several aggressive dogs running at large along the river.
Today (Thursday night) at approximately 6:15 p.m. I came into contact with 2 dogs while walking my dog on the Buttermilk Trail. The […]

Suspects Arrested Minutes After Bank Robbery

Police arrested two men just minutes after the Wachovia bank branch at 7300 Jefferson Davis Highway was robbed today.

Richmond Past: Street Name Origins

Do you lie awake at night wondering about how your street got it’s name? Worry no more I have the answers for you or rather I have re-typed the answers from the booklet “Westover Hills – Richmond’s Most Beautiful” which is a reprint of a 1935 real estate brochure. Available for purchase at Forest Hill […]

GWAR, Me, and the Onrushing Grip of Death: Part 8

After a brief hiatus (during which he basically circled the globe multiple times) Dave Brockie picks up where he left off in the sordid tale that is his life. This time Dave gives us a glimpse into that most pivotal time of his life: when he discovered punk rock.

introducing Hat Factory

Style Weekly has the news many music lovers have been waiting for; a new owner is moving into the former Toad’s Place.
The venue is tentatively scheduled to open the first week in September, with a restaurant operated by the owner of ChaChas, Verbena, and Lucky Buddha opening after that. The new owners also have a […]

70s Era Fan Newspapers

John Murden, over at Church Hill People’s News and a bit of a celeb in the local news scene of Richmond, shares a couple of photos of Fan area newspapers he unearthed from the Library of Virginia: