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The perfect slider

Chris Mattera told us how to make a perfect slider back in 2010, and we’re still using his recipe. Yes, this is what you should bring to that cookout today.

Sublime Swimming

A communal list and profile of Richmond’s best swimming locations for fellow RVA lay swimmers.

Where to watch fireworks

Remember on the Simpsons when a very Apu-like store owner in another town says to homer “Celebrate the independence of your nation by blowing up a small part of it!” Here are the best locations, fellow Americans, to make *wipes away tear* that happen.

Summer fashion to beat the heat

Ladies and penguins, it’s officially summer in Virginia which means the heat wave has come to town and smacked us in the face. I know, all you want to do is drink limeades on the deck at Phil’s one last time before it closes, but you are afraid of melting outside. This is by no means an excuse to let yourself go this summer.

Size matters: Grucci fireworks are going to be BIG

Two of Richmond’s most lucrative companies are going to supplement this year’s usual Independence Day festivities by staging a fireworks program and festivities in heart of downtown. Why will this event be so different from the others? Two words: size matters.

Fourth of July events

I mean, you could just stay in and binge on potato chips and baseball (not a bad idea, come to think of it…), but wouldn’t you rather get out and DO something to celebrate our nation’s birthday? We turn 235 years old, and there are plenty of ways to paint Richmond red, white, and blue.

Richmond the Beautiful, part 2

Last year we ran a collection of photos, provided by our wonderful friends at the Valentine Richmond History Center, illustrating how, exactly, Richmonders of the past celebrated the Fourth of July. Turns out, much like we do today! But with shorter shorts!

Parking and traffic detours for Dogwood Dell fireworks

Richmond Police want to advise drivers of traffic detours for the July 4th fireworks display at Dogwood Dell in Byrd Park on Monday night. Due to the increased amount of pedestrian and vehicular traffic, traffic pattern changes and detours will be in e…

A drink for the summer: the Hot Garden Stomp

Are you looking for the very soul of summer in an easy to imbibe format? How about something so fresh it has been created by the very freshest bartender in town? Then, behold, the Hot Garden Stomp!

Ewws and Ahhs

Tis’ the season for rockets red glare and fireworks bursting in air, but doesn’t it seem that adulthood just can’t compare with childhood memories of the Fourth. One such Independence Day featured an uncontrollable bout with laughter, vomit, and some innocent public urination.

America: Worst Case Scenario

Movies that remind us of America’s duty to save the planet from certain annihilation, in addition to its duty to blow everything up.

Raising Richmond: Baby, you’re a firework!

It’s firework time kids: let the dangers and awesomeness of sparklers begin! We found this cool t-shirt craft for kids of all ages. Turn up the Katy Perry and get creative!

Showdown at the mosquito corral

Mosquitoes. You either hate ‘em or really, really hate ‘em. Perhaps no other animal represents balmy Richmond summers than these winged creatures. Although we think of them as a nuisance, they need not be. A few thoughts on how to best deal with them.

Fireworks laws lowdown

Before the temptation to set off these holiday favorites in your own front yard strikes, it’s important to check a city or county’s firework guidelines and regulations. Lest we forget, violating these laws might result in one hefty fine and even jail time — not the best way to show some American spirit.