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Learn about what’s going right with our food at Revolution Food tonight

Instead of focusing on what’s wrong with our food supply, these gifted filmmakers are focusing on the passion and joy of the farmers who are reinventing the way we grow food.

Get Radical with Firehouse Theatre which in 2016 means see more live theatre

You can get free VIP access to all programming (30+ events) at Firehouse PLUS receive a bonus of $16 Firehouse Bucks (if you order by 1/16/16).

Board Games and Beer at Firehouse

Game on.

5 Things

We’ve got your dance card booked for this weekend, and it looks something like this: businesslike revelry, music hall celebrations, genre-shattering violinists, classic Southern theatre, and A DANG RODEO. You’re welcome!

5 Things

Guys, the winter. IT MIGHT BE FINISHED?! But let’s be honest, we all say that every week. This weekend isn’t being TOO hopeful, bringing you lots of indoor theater, music, movies, and copious drinking. Spring can take its time, maybe.

Listening Room celebrates four years

The Listening Room’s no-talking-allowed approach to live music celebrates its fourth year this week.

Firehouse Theatre, 1708 Gallery honor local artist

Friday’s performance of POP! will pay tribute to one of Richmond’s most notable artists.

5 Things

Sit down. Take a deep breath. Then call every single one of your friends, because you have a trillion things to do this weekend, and it’s all about to start in just a few hours.

Abel Raises Cain: Parents totally do understand

The Modlin Center for the Arts presents an opportunity to screen a really excellent film and meet the really excellent filmmaker.

5 Things

Food comas are never OK. Here’s our list of stuff to do around town this weekend if you have the good fortune to be within our fair city’s embrace.