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RVA Fitness GIVE turns workouts into funds for charity

Pedal, kick box, and yoga your way to better shape while helping the local Boys & Girls Club.

Out of shape dad

I haven’t exercised regularly in a decade, and I feel conflicted about it. I don’t enjoy running or going to the gym; it’s boring. Like brushing my teeth, body maintenance is just something I know I should be doing, but I don’t really want to.

Bellying up to the barre…

Seven things to know before walking through the doors of Richmond Barre, one of RVA’s favorite spots to give this new workout craze a whirl.

Mayor Jones, Sports Backers announce RVA Streets Alive!

The streets will be alive with the sound of pedestrians and bicycles later this summer, as a new event will clear city streets of cars.

Barre Boutique raises the barre for RVA

Dance-inspired exercise classes have a new venue in town.

Run, Checkout Girl, Run

Even a blabbermouth who lets it all hang out on the internet is entitled to a secret or two. One of mine involves a lot of sweating, panting, and smiling in the dark. Okay, two of mine.