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An RVA landmark: the 85-year history of the Landmark Theater

Did you know that the Landmark has a pool and bowling alley in its basement? That Police once used it as a shooting range? There’s plenty more about the building and its history that you don’t know about…

5 Things

So you don’t have tickets to Elton John. Just turn on 98.9 Liberty FM and enjoy his entire discography while on the way to these five other things. They haven’t been knighted, but we love them for what they are.

PHOTOS: Recreating the Elvis ‘kiss’

Back in 1956, photographer Alfre Wertheimer snapped a picture of Elvis kissing a woman backstage at the Mosque Theatre in Richmond. To celebrate Valentine’s Day and an exhibit of Wertheimer’s photos currently on display at the VMFA, here are some pictures of people recreating that iconic image.