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RVA headlines in LEGO®: Water main break…..

Yesterday’s headlines in brick form.

Architecture Richmond Editorial: Pro Revitalization Plan

The first of two editorials discussing the controversial plan.

Editorial: 50 questions for the RPS School Board

50 questions for the School Board in light of their 5-to-4 vote to close Clark Springs Elementary School and radically redistrict Cary Elementary School.

Check the Rhyme: Culture Wars vs. Style Wars

I hope that you have noticed but just in case you haven’t, RVA is currently being transformed into a hub for art and creative culture. The G40 Art Summit, Art 180’s What Do you Stand For display, and later this month the RVA Street Art Festival, are all a part of what I’m calling RVA’s Style Wars Summer.

EDITORIAL: Sqoot’s instant trainwreck

Yesterday Sqoot, a daily deal technology start up, announced a hackathon in Boston. In the copy on their Eventbrite event they made a Pretty Big Mistake and due to The Internet we all got to be front row for their attempts to make amends.