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Drop the Needle #2: The Bob Hallahan edition

For Round 2 of our new series, Richmond musicians really stepped up. It’s a snapshot of jazz and creative music in our city at this very moment. It’s Drop the Needle.


It’s back! For our second ever round of Drop the Needle, we invited pianist Bob Hallahan to judge, and there’s not a more perfect time to have him do the honors.

Drop the Needle Round 1: The Daniel Clarke edition

We asked for submissions of home recordings, jam sessions, rehearsals, and more, and we got tunes aplenty. Our featured judge, Daniel Clarke, listened and selected his favorites. The result is our very first round of Drop the Needle.

Drop the Needle guidelines amendment

There’s been some confusion about just what exactly we’re asking people to submit for Drop the Needle. We intended for a certain amount of ambiguity in the original guidelines, but they actually ended up misleading people. Sorry, our fault. We’re making a change to the guidelines so that people might have a better clue of […]


Part mix tape, part musical journey, part contest. Call it what you will, DROP THE NEEDLE is open to everyone in and around our beloved city. For this inaugural round, Daniel Clarke is the man to impress. Confused? Read on.