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Planes: Like Cars but with planes and not as good

Disney makes a final attempt to squeeeeeze some dollars out of the summer with this mildly entertaining but totally “eh” spin-off.

Pixar in Concert, as described by the Director of Disney Music Group

We talked to JMU alum Jonathan Heely from Disney about how this production came about, why it’s different, and how much you will dig it.

At the speed of light: the bright future of Light Tape

A state of the art company that has its product in just about every country you can think of (and then some) is based right here in town. What is Light Tape, what do they make, and why don’t more people know how amazing they are?

The Lion King sets new records, becomes highest-grossing show at the Landmark

Disney’s Broadway hit continues to dazzle audiences, and the recent run has set box office records at the Landmark Theater. Just how many people came to see the production, and how much money it will leave in Richmond’s wallet

A backstage pass to THE LION KING

THE LION KING! The giraffes, the antelopes, the grass, the birds, the stars, Rafiki’s infectious enthusiasm, Zazu’s bouncy personality, and of course the lions. Here’s a look at the marvels of engineering and artistry behind the amazing show.