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Henrico Police report record low crime rate in 2015 Annual Crime Report

The report, released Monday, covers crime, vehicular crashes, and data from the county’s Emergency Communications Center.

Henrico Police makes more statistical data publicly available online

Chief Douglas Middleton says the goal of releasing additional information is increased transparency.

Richmond Police unveil crime mapping website

It’s now way easier (and more fun?) to research local crime.

Richmond ranks high in income inequality

Richmond has one the highest levels of income inequality in the United States. The poorest fifth of the city’s households receives 2.4 percent of the city’s aggregate income; the richest fifth gets 57 percent.

University of Virginia researcher produces ethnical map of entire United States

Ever seen a thing with 300 million other things on it?

Chartsandgraphs: What’s Richmond gotta do to get a drink around here?

If you like a drink now and then, which plenty of people do, it stands to reason that you like being able to get yourself to a drink easily and quickly. Here’s a chartsandgraphs picture of the geography of drinking in RVA. Bottoms up!

September the deadliest month since 2005

This September, with its 11 homicides, was the deadliest month Richmond has seen in quite awhile.

The best basketball programs in the Commonwealth are in the CAA (sorry UVA & VT)

On Monday, VCU’s basketball coach Coach Shaka Smart made national headlines when he said that, as far as basketball goes, “the best programs in the state are in the CAA, and it’s not even close.” Is it true?