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Buy the Well for $90k

The Well aka Cous Cous Rebranded is up for grabs and listed on Bandazian. If you’ve got $90,000 to burn you too can have your own restaurant.

After seven years, Cous Cous is now The Well

Many were surprised when Cous Cous closed in April. Three of the restaurant’s principals talk about why the restaurant is better off as The Well.

Cous Cous now The Well, Julep’s turns 10, and Lunch gets paired with Supper

Cous Cous reboots as The Well, Julep’s throws down for an awesome 10th birthday party, and a last-minute guide to Mother’s Day brunch options.

Cous Cous owners planning new restaurant

Owners of Cous Cous have announced that they’re creating a new restaurant for the location.

Blue Goat does lunch, Jorge’s Cantina opens today, and RVA gets pickled

When one restaurant closes in this town, another opens–and that’s now happening in Carytown, plus our first president dons a sombrero, and RVA gets pickled.

Cous Cous; 2012 Fall Restaurant Week

Menu and contact information for the 2012 Fall Restaurant Week.

Cous Cous; 2012 Spring Restaurant Week

Menu and contact information for the 2012 Spring Restaurant Week.

Southern Film Festival features Margaret Mitchell, moonshine, and an NFL hall-of-famer

This year’s Southern Film Festival has the theme: “Screening Southern Rebellion.” The festival features film screenings, panel discussions, and guest speakers that will even include a former Kansas City Chiefs linebacker.

Season Four at Cous Cous

Tonight marks the return of Fight the Big Bull and Ombak’s rotation on their home turf venue, Cous Cous. The summer there has been occupied by various bands, but these two regulars have been on summer vacation since May 27. In what’s being called “Season 4,” they’re back to bring life to Wednesday nights once again.

Cous Cous bands on vacation

Fight the Big Bull and Ombak will be taking a rest from their alternating bi-weekly gigs at Cous Cous for the summer. Fight the Big Bull has been taking each summer off since the gig began in 2006, and last year’s opening allowed Ombak to play regularly and grow as a musical force. Will the […]