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Richmond Ballet’s Don Quixote: You are what you wear

Richmond Ballet’s newest full-length production refuses to be any one thing. Except maybe non-boring. We talk to Director of Costumes Emily DeAngelis about what it’s like to keep everyone clothed.

Premiere Costumes: Tricking out RVA for 40 years

A store that sells monsters, makeup, and internet memes.

Raising Richmond: Happy Hallo-wait, is that this week?

We’re doing Halloween again already? This year I didn’t have time to plan for it, but it’s on track to happen just fine anyway.

Hollywood comes to RVA

Many of Hollywood’s best costumes will soon be on display at the VMFA.

Raising Richmond: Halloween ho-hums

While some parents excitedly load up their Pinterest boards and fire up their glue guns at the first mention of Halloween, others are left feeling “meh” about the prospect of getting the kids all decked out for just one night. So! Cute Halloween costumes for kids: are they really worth it?

VMFA to display iconic Hollywood costumes

Costumes from classic films like The Wizard of Oz to modern flicks like Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince will be featured in an exhibit with only select US museums…one of which is the VMFA.