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Comics and more on the cheap at Stories Super Spooky Sale

Stock up on Tales from the Crypt or Weird Tales comics for Halloween.

The Wolverine: Darren Aronofsky didn’t direct this film

We’re living in the Dark and Serious(ly boring) Age of comic book movies.

Atomic Robo: A comic book without the T&A

Female characters in comic books are often props for gratuitous T&A, but one local comic writer has found success by doing something radical…depicting women as real people.

Man of Steel: Steely like an emotionless, boring piece of steel

One of the complaints against Superman is that he’s boring and unrelatable. After watching Man of Steel this is still a complaint I have against Superman.

Talking Man of Steel with novelist, VCU professor Tom De Haven

VCU creative writing professor Tom De Haven’s talks about Superman’s history, why he wrote the 2005 novel, It’s Superman!, and how the Man of Tomorrow fits into the world of today.

Iron Man 3: Less iron, more man

Iron Man 3 takes Tony Stark (and more importantly Robert Downey, Jr.) out of the Iron Man suit for the majority of the film–which is great because that’s what you’re there to see anyway.

The Dark Knight Rises: Not high enough

The Dark Knight Rises is disappointing, and you can’t cut directory Christopher Nolan any slack, because he’s done it before using all of the same pieces.