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5 Things

We’ve got your dance card booked for this weekend, and it looks something like this: businesslike revelry, music hall celebrations, genre-shattering violinists, classic Southern theatre, and A DANG RODEO. You’re welcome!

5 Things for Families

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and while parenting issues have the habit of being more mom-centric than dad-o-mated, that doesn’t mean that we can’t make the same fuss over the papas in our lives.

5 Things

Ask not “What is there to do this weekend?” Instead, ask how you’re going to fit it all in. Also, ask if someone needs a ride. That’s just polite.

Colonial Downs and Strawberry Hill Races have “amicably resolved” legal issues

Owners of two local horse races have resolved a legal dispute, Colonial Downs will now host Dogwood Classic Races on April 6th.

Colonial Downs lights itself on fire…on purpose

If you saw a fire at the Colonial Downs track yesterday and wondered why there wasn’t an armada of firetrucks there to put it out, rest assured: it was planned. Why did Colonial downs decide to light the horse track on fire, and what does it mean for the turf?

Ray Gun, Slouch, Porch Cat, and off-track betting in Richmond

A friend of mine once won big money betting on a horse named after a geographical anomaly near the town where he grew up, but I’ve never experienced an off-track betting center. Luckily, Ray Gun and Slouch were their to guide me through my first trip to the OTB.