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Get to know your city government with RVAGOV

What does the School Board do? How’s the budget created? What’s the difference between an ordinance and resolution?

The city

Instagram from Belle Isle.

The New Richmond Skyline

City’s 2013 leaf collection schedule

As Bob Dylan (never) once said: “The leaves, they are a’ changing.” Here’s how the City helps you to get rid of them.

New micro grant program will boost Arts and Cultural District

Have an idea to make the Arts and Cultural District better? Here’s how you can earn money to make it happen.

City informs Sugar Shack of bizarre doughnut tax policy

If you order between one and five doughnuts, the City considers that a meal and will tax you on it.

Mayor Jones on Social Services: striving “to turn this agency around”

Jones decries the past behavior of Social Services that put children in danger, but vowed the agency will improve.

City to fine residents $50/day for leaving trash and recycle bins out

The City of Richmond will begin fining residents who leave their trash or recycle bins out too long. The fine will be $50 per day.

Richmonders peeved about property tax payments

Many in town are miffed at the quick turnaround time that’s required of them to pay the City’s property tax bill–just two weeks. With totals reaching the hundreds of dollars in some instances, many are concerned about the minimal time provided by the city to come up with that money. From the Richmond Times-Dispatch: Interim […]