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Church Hill Tunnel petition catches the attention of WRIR

Local advocate Stefanie Lacks was interviewed by the independent radio station last night.

The Church Hill Tunnel petition is slowly but surely gaining support

This East End advocate isn’t going anywhere, folks.

Professor Griggs on why Richmond must revitalize the East entrance of the Church Hill Tunnel

VCU Professor, author, and local historian was one of the first signers of Stefanie Lacks’s Church Hill Tunnel petition.

Mark Holmberg discusses the petition to revamp the Church Hill Tunnel

What began as a tweet to East End Daily has made it all the way to CBS 6.

Petition to revitalize the Church Hill Tunnel

A Twitter user contacted us with an interesting idea.

Church Hill Tunnel Collapse film seeks crowd funding

A Richmond native wants to tell the story of one of Church Hill’s most notable tragedies.