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Virginia Rep making parents’ lives easier

Virginia Repertory Theater’s Friday Kids Club is all set to provide on-site babysitting during the 2014-2015 Signature Season.

The child care conundrum

Day care center? Nanny? SAHM? SAHD? OMGWTF?!?!?

Drop-in child care spot opening in Midlothian

KidZ Space, a drop-in hourly child care center, is set to open on Monday, March 31st.

Raising Richmond: The ill-fitting nanny

There are lots of shudder-inducing stories out there about Nightmare Nannies who do unspeakable things to your house or your children. This is not one of those stories. Our nanny experience was more about learning the hard way that the only acceptable child care is exceptional child care.

Raising Richmond: YWCA saves the (work)day!

Got a little one feeling under the weather but you can’t miss another day at the office? Fear not. The YWCA of Richmond has got you covered.