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Bill gives officers more options, dogs more chances

A bill giving animal control officers flexibility in dealing with livestock-injuring dogs is heading to the desk of Gov. Terry McAuliffe for signature, after passing the Senate unanimously this past week.

Chickens cometh to Chesterfield

Longtime petitioners for chicken ownership are celebrating the coop d’etat.

City Council to vote Monday on urban chickens

On the City Council agenda for Monday, February 25th: urban chickens.

Henrico women forced to get rid of her chickens

Today we published my article about urban backyard chickens. As it so happens, a Henrico woman was just issued a citation for keeping hens in her backyard. A building inspector noticed the hens and reported her. She now has until the weekend to get them off her property. One of the people I spoke with […]

These are the faces of urban chickenry

Today we ran a story about Richmond’s rather restrictive urban chicken law. We had a few photos that got cut, so rather than exile them to the recycle bin, here they are in their feathered glory. Enjoy. Photos by Fionnuala Bradley Related A game of chicken: will Richmond finally allow backyard hens?