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Check the Rhyme: So RVA Fest

An inaugural festival at the National tried to meld hip hop and dance. Was it successful?

Check the Rhyme: A Great Day in Richmond

Last week, I invited my friends to attend the 1st Annual Cheats Movement Epic Group Photo–an opportunity to bring together talented and positive people making this city a better place.

Check the Rhyme: Epic Fest 2012

Snapshots from the recent hip hop festival featuring regional acts

Check the Rhyme: Stone Soul Music Festival

The Cheats Movement camera was back at it again–this time I was at Brown’s Island for the Stone Soul Music Festival.

Check the Rhyme: Reflecting on MCA and the legacy of the Beastie Boys

On May 4th the Beastie Boy’s Adam Yauch, aka MCA, died from cancer. Here are some reflections from the Richmond hip hop community on the impact of the Beastie Boys and MCA.

Check the Rhyme: Shadrock music festival

Saturday, I took the Cheats Movement camera to Brown’s Island for the first ever Shadrock Music Festival. Due to the rain, the crowd was a little lighter than I anticipated but the spirit and enthusiasm definitely wasn’t slowed by the wet weather.

Check the Rhyme: Culture Wars vs. Style Wars

I hope that you have noticed but just in case you haven’t, RVA is currently being transformed into a hub for art and creative culture. The G40 Art Summit, Art 180’s What Do you Stand For display, and later this month the RVA Street Art Festival, are all a part of what I’m calling RVA’s Style Wars Summer.

Check the Rhyme: The soundtrack to VCU’s HAVOC is hip hop

One way that VCU’s Coach Smart blocked out distractions this season was by focusing on preparation, scouting, and game planning with his assistant coaches. However, the players used an additional tool before the game to help them wreak HAVOC: a locker room soundtrack of hip hop music.