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Picture of the day: Virginia State Capitol

RVANews picture of the day.

Capitol offers tour with ‘Lincoln’ theme

The state Capitol is offering “Looking for the Lincolns,” a free guided tour with a behind-the-scenes view of Steven Spielberg’s film, “Lincoln.”

After 225 years, this model still turns heads

Virginia officials recently celebrated the 225th anniversary of the arrival of the plaster-of-Paris model that was the basis for building the state Capitol. Thomas Jefferson commissioned Frenchman Jean-Pierre Fouquet to make the model and ship it to the newly independent United States of America. It arrived on Feb. 28, 1787, and is still on display for the public.

Women’s suffrage protest on the steps of the Capitol

This photo comes from the collections of the Valentine Richmond History Center. Make sure you click the image for a super large version (3MB).

UPDATE: Over 1,000 protest for women’s rights outside of Capitol today

Over 1,000 people lined the walkways outside the Capitol this afternoon in a silent protest against several pieces of legislation making their way through the General Assembly that would strip women of reproductive rights.