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Richmond reflects on emancipation, 150 years later

More than 5,000 people gathered in Capitol Square to watch Gov. Terry McAuliffe, Mayor Dwight Jones, and other speakers commemorate the liberation of Richmond by U.S. troops, the emancipation of the city’s slaves and the end of the American Civil War.

New law takes aim at puppy mills

In a crackdown on puppy mills, it will soon be illegal to sell dogs and cats on the side of the road in Virginia. This law will deter people from (mostly unknowingly) financially supporting inhumane operations.

UPDATE: We officially have 2 state songs!

QUICK, someone! Do a mashup!

Virginia a focus of calls for Constitutional Convention

In statehouses across the country, a movement has been building for legislatures to call for a convention to amend the U.S. Constitution and limit the federal government’s power. Although the national project is based in Virginia, the General Assembly rebuffed resolutions to have Virginia join the campaign.

Senator vows to push for LGBT protection law

Undaunted by opposition in the House of Delegates, Sen. Donald McEachin, D-Richmond, says he will be back next year with another bill to prevent discrimination in the government workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity.

Budget amendment puts brakes on speed traps

A state budget amendment approved by the General Assembly would help curb speed traps in Hopewell and other localities, AAA says.

UPDATE: Bills create “right to try” experimental drugs

Lawmakers and advocates for people with life-threatening illnesses made a final push Monday to pass legislation giving Virginians the “right to try” experimental drugs and other treatments.

House OKs transporting loaded shotguns

Virginians who have a concealed handgun permit could legally transport loaded shotguns in vehicles under a bill that passed the House of Delegates on a split vote this week.

Proposed budget boosts state employees’ pay

Virginia teachers, state troopers and other state employees would all receive pay raises thanks to a state budget agreement moving toward approval in the General Assembly.

Walmart, Virginia’s second largest employer, ups wages

Walmart will soon increase the minimum wage for thousands of its employees, the company announced Thursday. The retail giant is Virginia’s second-largest employer, according to the Virginia Employment Commission.