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Del. Jennifer McClellan’s veto session update

The Virginia General Assembly is now debating the state’s biennial budget.

City council punts budget, other items during Monday meeting

Richmond city council on Monday voted to award $700,000 to Venture Richmond for the Downtown Special Assessment District, to donate sheds and salvaged material from the 17th Street Farmer’s Market to the Enrichmond Foundation, and to encourage Richmonders to “practice random acts of kindness” during their formal meeting.

Meetings, meetings, meetings

The Mosby Court Tenant Council, Creighton Tenant Council and the Richmond City Council all meet this evening.

City Council: budget passes, parking meter fees rise

After months of debate, City Council passed a budget with little opposition–including a restructuring of water and sewer rates and an increase in parking meter fees.

Rao on what sequestration will mean to VCU

As the nation moves closer to nearly $1 trillion in automatic spending cuts, VCU’s president outlines how it may affect the University.

City’s real estate tax lowest in 30 years

On Monday, the City Council formally established a $1.5 billion budget for the 2013 fiscal year. While the school budget was one of the most contentious (and expensive) issues surrounding the new budget, one smaller provision in the budget is probably worth noting. The Council did not alter the city’s existing Real Estate Tax Rate. […]

City Council: the good, the bad, and the ugly

What started out as a perfunctory City Council meeting ended up having a rather children-related bent. Shel Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” made an appearance right before the Mayor criticized the state of the city’s public schools. Here’s the recap.

UPDATE: Senate approves state budget

For the third time, the Virginia Senate has refused to compromise on a new state budget, preventing the General Assembly from approving a spending plan for the next two years. The House voted 77-19 on Tuesday in favor of an amended budget bill, HB 1301. But Senate Democrats rejected the measure because it lacks funding for the second phase of the Dulles Rail extension to Loudoun County.

City Council: two meetings for the price of one

How things have changed. Only weeks (months?) ago Council meetings went on endlessly, angry speeches were made, political points were scored. Lately? Barely a whimper. Recaps from both this week’s Council meeting and Public Budget Hearing.

Mayor’s Budget Discussion at the Va. War Memorial On Wednesday

Paraphrasing City announcement: The only MPACT sponsored Community Conversation with Mayor Jones regarding the City Budget is scheduled to take place at the Virginia War Memorial on Wednesday, March 28th at 6:30PM. Let your voices be heard regarding the City Budget, Capitol Improvements, and other projects and issues that concern Precinct 4. Feel free to […]