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The Kings of Summer: Out here, it’s our time

Films like Stand by Me set a really high bar for coming-of-age movies featuring boys spending time traipsing through the woods. The Kings of Summer clears that bar just about half of the time!


What does your start-up business do? The business is an online clothing shop for boys–baby to toddler-aged. There are so many more options for girls! This pain has been echoed back to me by many moms who have boys, so I feel it’s an underserved market. How did your venture start? The idea came about […]

Raising Richmond: A most important task

Two recent acts of violence against women help me remember what us parents of boys must do…

The boys of summer

Some of the best stories from Richmond during the Civil War are the ones about children getting into trouble. The boyhood impulse toward deviant behavior is truly a cross-generational phenomenon.