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New RVA album releases you need to hear

2014 is halfway over and local bands have released some stellar albums. Here’s a sample of some of the great music that has come out this year.

Local band and author team up to help poor Chinese students

A new novel inspired Black Girls to cover a famous Stooges song to help needy students in Shanghai.

This week at Friday Cheers: The Head and the Heart / Black Girls

The fourth edition of Friday Cheers, featuring The Head and the Heart and Black Girls, reminds us that even if you’re a famous musician, everyone comes back to RVA.

5 Things

Spring! SPRING! There is so much spring right now that I don’t know how we stand it. This weekend there are plenty of chances to go outside and spring it up all over town. Smell the tulips, eat the funnel cake, and watch your winter blues melt away. It’s April, y’all!

5 Things

With all the hubbub about some recently proposed legislation, a lot of Richmond is in a tizzy about what the General Assembly will put forth next. If the legislature is getting you down, don’t fret. Here are 5 Things to raise your spirits and get you excited about the coming weekend.

5 Things

Nate will be slinging tacos again? Wikipedia was down for 24 hours? AUGHH!!! This week has had too much throttle and deceleration for the nervous system to properly handle. Take a moment to catch your breath…OK good. Now, onto the weekend! As always, we have the weekend sustenance that is 5 Things