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Richmond Cycling Corps to help out Capital Trail cyclist and wanna be cyclists with the Kickstand UPDATE: Opens this weekend

A bicycle rental outpost right on the Capital Trail that will also offer repairs and rest for weary bikers.

Not illegal to park in bike lanes, but illegal to drive into and out of bike lanes

Well that clears that up. Still sucks but at least it’s clear now.

Tucker High School students transform old bicycles into works of art

Students, teachers, and neighbors donated the old bikes for use in the creative project.

Busy weekend of stars, bikes and planting at Bryan Park

If you’re not doing anything this weekend allow us to fill your schedule.

Growlers To Go now offering free nitrogen for bikes

The popularity of bikes in the area and The Bike Bike Race™ prompted the addition.

Sponsor a bike rack for World Road Cycling Championships

The city can always use more bike racks.

Northside Halloween ride on Saturday

Northside Halloween Bike Parade on 10/25, 1 pm, starting at Linwood Holton Elementary School playground.

Ride your bikes to the Spoke and Hop Fest

Bikes, beers, and bands three great tastes that taste great together.

Buttermilk trail to remain open for now

It appears that until the city grants a liability easement to the property owner this will be the case.

City seeking seeking $240,000 for protected bike lane along Franklin Street

The agenda for the Sept.17 meeting of City Council’s Land Use & Transportation Standing Committee includes this nugget: Resolution No. 2013-R173 to request for $240,000 in funding from VDOT to support a downtown cycletrack.