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Food News: Local chefs’ Thanksgiving picks, a moonshine festival, and yet another ramen popup

This week: Five local chefs share their favorite Thanksgiving recipes–from the traditional to the unique, two restaurants make a quick flip to new owners and concepts, the Elby Awards have been announced, and the inaugural Virginia Moonshine Festival comes to town this weekend.

Food News: Armenian Food Festival, The Betty on Davis, and the end of Buddy’s

This week: Buddy’s announces a closing date after a 38-year run, The Betty on Davis opens, Mekong wins best beer bar again, and the Armenian Food Festival gets underway today. All this and more!

Food News: Restaurant changes, board games, award-winning moonshine!

There’s going to be a lot of changes to Richmond’s restaurants, but have no fear, it’ll all be for the best. You’ll be too busy buying delicious iced coffee in bulk, and celebrating with the Belle Isle Craft Spirits team on their most recent victory to notice the differences.

Historic spirits come to life in new moonshine

Belle Isle helped people make moonshine in the 1800s. A new distillery’s now paying homage to that history.

Belle Isle Craft Spirits moving to Manchester

Manchester is becoming the destination for adult craft beverages.

Sample Belle Isle Moonshine and help the World Pediatric Project at The Tobacco Company

This moonshine is regulated so it taste good and won’t make you blind.