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Beer News: An unveiling, a jamboree, anniversaries, and Pokémon

This week’s frothy forthcomings are a beautiful blend of new brewery announcements, celebrations, symbiotic colonies, and bumblebees! Gotta catch ‘em all!

Beer News: Even doughnut day can be turned into beer day!

Women are such amazing beer writers, says this…man. But also, Stone Brewing Co. is hiring, new beers are everywhere, and the best recommendation for beer + doughnuts.

Beer News: X chromosomes, musically enhanced brews, dogs, braus

The Betties are radical, the Red Bulls II are not, some dogs are cool, some restaurants are hot.

Beer News: Intimidating acronyms, fruit in 50-pound increments, and proof that beer is greater than jelly

Breweries teaming up! It’s like an all-star team! Only they’re not playing another all-star team, but they all still win! (Also: trading, new hours at Ardent, coconut beer, peach beer, everything beer.)

Beer News: Scott’s Addition gets boozier, pinball gets more fun, and you’ll probably get tipsier

More smoky beers, sour beers, and cider. Life is spectacular.

Beer News: Smoked beers, festivals, and a week just for us!

Were you aware that “smoky” does not have an “e” in it? That bear is DUMB!

Beer News: Coffee stout with strangers, horses, and more beer dinners

I’m still surprised that every week there’s enough beer to warrant an entire column.

Beer News: Summer brews, old cider, science, malted quinoa

What if malted quinoa is really the answer?!

Beer News: A new pub, an old cyder, and a sewage beer

If one were to drink each beer released this weekend, one would have a quite a weekend.

Beer News: Malt, mead, and minutia

There’s going to be Big Trouble in Little China (if Little China equals Petersburg), blood beer, mead, and something from a brewery called…Stone?

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