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5 Things

The 5 Things before Christmas. Nobody was stirring, etc. Sorry, I’d write a better blurb, but the last episode of Serial is out this morning, and I’m busy.

Richmond Ballet: Carmina Burana and Mozartiana

It’s Halloween weekend, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend three days feverishly putting together cute couple costumes at the last minute. You could actually just spend two days doing that, and then spend a little time at an often spooky, always awesome ballet/symphony collab.

So you want to get into dance this month?

Well, now’s the best time. Two big deal events are happening, and you, you lucky dog, are in the prime position to see one or both of them. Don’t think you’re into dance? Wishing you had a cathartic outlet for the beasts inside of you? Turns out, this is the best possible thing for you. Not kidding.

30th Annual Dance Recital at CenterStage

Thirtieth Annual City Dance Recital

Enjoy ballet, tap, and jazz performances at the 30th Annual City Dance Recital is on Saturday, June 28 at the Carpenter Theatre at CenterStage.

5 Things

Russian ballet, crafty craftersons, a dome-blowing digital dome theatre, green beers, and basketball. It’s March, people. Get into it!

A Day in the life of Cinderella’s Spring Fairy

Elena Bello returns to the stage, but also to the digital pages of RVANews, as our guide to the secret life of dancers–this time from the unique perspective of Cinderella’s Spring Fairy.

Richmond Ballet’s 30th Anniversary Celebration: Most exciting ballet yet

Philip Neal, Richmond Ballet’s most treasured alum, is back again. Still glowing from the success from his last original venture, Phoenix Rising, we got another chance to chat about his role as the répétiteur of Jerome Robbins’s Fancy Free and the rest of the RB’s ambitious 30th anniversary program this weekend.

World Premiere of Philip Neal’s ‘Phoenix Rising’ at Richmond Ballet

Philip Neal builds on the success of last year’s Gargoyles with a new work set to premiere Tuesday night. Spoiler: his interviews are as meaningful as his choreography.

Family ties at Richmond Ballet

After too many years of spreading their family talent across the country, brothers Trevor and Marty Davis are finally dancing in the same company—our very own Richmond Ballet.

Bellying up to the barre…

Seven things to know before walking through the doors of Richmond Barre, one of RVA’s favorite spots to give this new workout craze a whirl.