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Ask Lauren: Valentine’s Day edition

Valentine’s Day means different things to different people, but one thing that’s fairly consistent is the desire to consume dinner in a place other than your own dining room.

Ask Lauren: Bridesmaid lunch, veggie Super Bowl, and no crap wines

What to do about a downtown bridesmaid lunch, the opportunity to woo a vegetarian, and where to find cheap wines that aren’t crap.

Ask Lauren: Weekend lunch downtown, crazy Bloody Marys, and craft cocktails

This week Lauren guides us through the perils of lunch downtown on a weekend, finding a crazy Bloody Mary, and unearthing new craft cocktails.

Ask Lauren: new in Jackson Ward, a pizza for everyone, and great Mexican

This week Lauren tells us about a new spot for lunch meetings in Jackson Ward, the Great Pizza Pie Compromise, and some delicious Mexican food.

Ask Lauren: Playoffs, large happy hours, and a fancy breakfast for kids

This week Lauren tackles the playoffs, large happy hours, and fancy (but kid-friendly) breakfasts.

Ask Lauren: Craving for cozy, a working lunch, and healthier options

Whether your New Year’s resolutions are to lose weight, reconnect with your friends, or tackle the next big project at work, Lauren’s got you covered.

Ask Lauren: New Year’s Eve in RVA!

Ahhhhh it’s New Year’s Eve, and you’ve got sooooo many questions!

Ask Lauren: A new upscale adventure, secret conversations, and fun for the whole family

This week we ask Lauren to help us change our routine, meet with an old coworker, and find something fun for the whole family.

Ask Lauren: Holiday hangouts

It’s the Holiday season! Time to hangout with friends, family, loved ones, and do some of that holiday-type stuff!

Ask Lauren: Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve dinners, and holiday gift exchanges

Half of the holidays is taking large groups of people to places where food and drink will be consumed.