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McAuliffe signs executive order: ABC officers must be less terrifying

ABC officers must now conform to higher standards, thanks to McAuliffe’s new executive order. This follows the violent arrest of UVA student Martese Johnson last week and the ridiculous arrest of Elizabeth Daly in 2013 (the “sparkling water incident”).

Virginia bans powdered alcohol

Cocaine isn’t the only white powder on drug authorities’ radar these days. They’re also targeting Palcohol—powdered alcohol that can turn a glass of water into a mojito.

Behind ABC’s food-to-alcohol ratio

The ratio has come a long way since it debuted in 1968.

Virginia restaurants can now advertise happy hours

For nearly 30 years, restaurants could only advertise happy hours within their premises. That changes today.

Elixr gets a big update

Drinking just got WAY more fun.

A summer sans booze: Five ways to celebrate summer alcohol-free

Beer and summer can go hand in hand, but sipping brews by the pool isn’t the only way to enjoy warm summer days with your friends.

Hard times for Cirrus Vodka

Richmond BizSense has a piece on what looks like the end of Richmond-made Cirrus Vodka: A local distillery that once churned out Cirrus Vodka is headed to auction this month.

Chartsandgraphs: What’s Richmond gotta do to get a drink around here?

If you like a drink now and then, which plenty of people do, it stands to reason that you like being able to get yourself to a drink easily and quickly. Here’s a chartsandgraphs picture of the geography of drinking in RVA. Bottoms up!

Blue Bee Cider ready for pre-sale

Although you can’t enjoy the tasty fermented cider yet, Manchester’s Blue Bee Cider wants to make sure you don’t get left behind in the initial cider madness that will hit RVA.

Apples and fermentation: a tasty tutorial inside Blue Bee Cider

With fall in full swing, we take a look inside Blue Bee Cider to learn what makes Virginia apples so special, and how they’re being utilized in RVA’s newest cidery.