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Reorganized Senate committee passes abortion bills

Two abortion-related bills were passed by The Virginia Health and Education Senate Committee last week. The issue has the state legislature split, as both measures attempt to overturn laws that were passed in 2012 and 2013 under a Republican-controlled General Assembly.

Women still underrepresented in Virginia politics

Today the number of female members of the Virginia House of Delegates stands at 19, the highest it’s ever been. That’s 19 out of 100 House members–a far cry from parity in a state where 50.9 percent of the population is female.

Virginia Board of Health OKs strict rules for abortion clinics

The Virginia Board of Health voted Friday to require abortion clinics to meet hospital building-code standards – rules that abortion rights activists said would force many of the state’s 20 clinics to close.

Virginia has new abortion, beer, voter ID laws

Virginia’s newest laws took effect this Sunday, July 1st.

Gov. McDonnell signs bill requiring an ultrasound prior to abortions

Today Gov. Bob McDonnell signed a bill that will require all women seeking an abortion in the Commonwealth to undergo an ultrasound. The new measure, meant to be a part of Virginia’s existing informed consent requirement, has sparked national outrage and local protest in recent weeks.

Capitol Police address controversial response to Saturday’s ultrasound protest

Saturday’s protest featured the presence of both Capitol Police and Virginia State Police. Many people are criticizing both police forces for what they see as an overuse of police manpower and tactics, despite 30 arrests that were made. Captain Goodloe of the Capitol Police addresses these concerns and defends how the police responded

UPDATED: Photos: Abortion protests lead to 30 arrests at Virginia Capitol

Nearly 500 protestors gathered this afternoon at the Virginia Capitol to protest a bill that recently passed through the General Assembly that would require women seeking abortions to undergo an ultrasound. State Police in riot gear were on hand, and thirty-one people were arrested

Senate votes to delay action on “personhood” bill

The Senate has voted to suspend the controversial HB1 legislation, so-called the “personhood” bill that would give rights to fertilized eggs

UPDATE: Gov. McDonnell formally asks for controversial bill to not require invasive ultrasound

Gov. McDonnell issued a statement that formally commented on the controversial bill working its way through the General Assembly that would require a transvaginal ultrasound for women who seek an abortion. The governor expressed a wish for the legislation to remove that requirement, which he and others feel is unnecessary.

UPDATE: Over 1,000 protest for women’s rights outside of Capitol today

Over 1,000 people lined the walkways outside the Capitol this afternoon in a silent protest against several pieces of legislation making their way through the General Assembly that would strip women of reproductive rights.