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2014 2nd Street Festival

2nd Street Festival 2014 schedule

The 2nd Street Festival is back!

RPL book drive

Drive by Book Drive at the Main Library

Wanted: Books, CDs, and DVDs for the “Big Book Sale.”

Food News: Growlers To Go, new Shockoe and Short Pump spots, and dining in Petersburg

This week: New restaurants are coming to Shockoe and Short Pump, and a new growler fill place is opening on the Boulevard (and there’s a place to get them locally now). Plus, full details on where to get your eat on at festivals around town this weekend and a preview of Commercial Taphouse’s new Asian fusion menu. All this and more!

5 Things

Ain’t no October like a Richmond October ’cause a Richmond October don’t stop. Like ever. Seriously, calendars are filling up faster than you can “Pumpkin Spice Latte” — and this is just the first weekend!

Heritage opens, food festivals galore, and a meeting of leading RVA restaurateurs

One of the most anticipated new restaurants has opened and is already turning heads, plus a rundown of this weekend’s many food festivals and an upcoming discussion that will feature the city’s leading restaurant owners.

5 Things

The only internal debate you’ll be having this weekend is how best to hit all of the festivals while still having time to enjoy the weather. It can be done.

Celebrate 2 Street this weekend

The pride and joy of Jackson Ward is its rich history. Have you ever heard Duke Ellington’s “Rumpus in Richmond”? Bet it was penned after a nightclub gig (and a jaunt with a lady) on the street. Back in the day, Richmond was a destination for jazz musicians like Duke, and each year the 2nd […]

Jackson Ward celebrates on Two Street

The 2nd Street Festival is held every year to celebrate the history of the Jackson Ward neighborhood through music, dance, food, and coming together with neighbors. In its 21st year, the festival returns next weekend and once again, the Richmond Jazz Society has their own tent to pay homage to the neighborhood’s deep jazz history.

Sights from the 2nd Street Festival

The Jackson Ward community came alive this weekend with the 18th annual 2nd Street Festival. The festival kicked off on Friday night with a dance party featuring Johnny Houston & The Legends, but it wasn’t until Saturday that all four performance stages would show some of Richmond’s best musicians. From 2nd Street Festival I started […]

2nd Street Festival + More This Weekend

This weekend, Richmond’s annual 2nd Street Festival returns to Jackson Ward to celebrate the past and present of arts and culture in the city. If Venture Richmond’s schedule of performers intimidates you, check out the RVAjazz schedule grids below. They will give a view of everything that is going on at a particular point in […]