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RVA summer day camps round-up 2016

It’s summer camp time again. Sorry, we should be more clear: it’s summer camp registration time again! These here are your local options.

Thank you for being a camp counselor

Your heart is true, you’re a pal and a confidante.

Cadence Theatre Company’s Film Production Project bringing new stories to the screen

This filmmaking summer camp gives teens a much cooler way to spend their time than we ever had. Kids these days! Hmph!

A summer camp study, from the outside

My family has had a particularly strong and all-consuming obsession with one summer camp for four generations. I do a little digging to find out exactly why.

Sleep-away camp roundup for 2016

Want your kids to have a more immersive experience? Here’s the list of camps that will keep your child for all of the hours of the day and night!