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Aaron Ellerbrock, BRIDEface Richmond, and the many faces of love

When it’s time to face the music and marry someone, BRIDEface Richmond will make sure that face is not only a vision of beauty, but one that won’t betray you when the tears start flowing. Hopefully, they will be happy tears, but that part, at least, is up to you.

Carly Reed: Tell your love story through design

Designer Carly Reed had been doing so many invitations and whatnot for her marrying friends, she decided to turn it into a business based on really genuine, heartfelt design that represents your coupledom to a T.

Pearl Thomas loves to see people in love

Pearl and her daughter, Ruby, run their wedding planning business from both the brain and the heart. They love to watch people start their lives together, and they love all the nuts and bolts of the process.

Unposed joy: Don Mears and the magic moments

But what if you’re given the weighty responsibility of capturing all of the memories, forever? Some people, like Don Mears and his wife, Lindsay, relish the challenge.

The Mill at Fine Creek: Lisa Benusa and the full-service approach

Built around and encompassing the ruins of the old, well, mill at Fine Creek, this venue can accommodate more than 200 guests or a more intimate ceremony. The Mill is family-owned, steeped in historic charm, and able to provide much more than just a setting for your big day. Lisa Benusa tells us more.

Good hair does the trick: Natalie Jackson, Bombshell’s bridal specialist

Warning: learning about what goes on in the mind of the bridal hair stylist will make you feel emotions. We do not kid.

Just be you, dude—Christine Greenberg of Wood Grain and Lace Events and Urban Set Bride

The owner of two wedding businesses, Christine is so calm, in control, and easy to talk to that you’d never guess she’s fielding zillions of calls a day from stressed-out wedding folk. Here’s her insight into the biz and some advice to keep you from fleeing to Elopeland, USA.

How to hire a wedding DJ: Tips from DJ Robot E. Lee

You’re not into a live band, really, and you want something more curated and finessed than an iPod playlist. You’re in DJ world now, baby! But you can’t go in blind. Here are the things you need to know, by RVA favorite DJ Robot E. Lee (aka RVANews author Phil Williams).

Kristi Hord: What it’s like to be a professional Flower Girl

Great flower arrangements can add a ton of aesthetic value to any event—but for weddings, they convey a lot of emotion, connect it with nature, and are just dang calming to look at. Kristi Hord from Flower Girls gives us a look behind the scenes.

Gettin’ merry when you’re gettin’ married: Courtney Spencer of Merriment Events

Courtney’s been planning Richmond (and area) weddings since 2008, and she knows what’s up in terms of what you need to worry about and what you don’t. Her weddings are elegant and stunning, but still a lot of fun. Herein, she shares her wisdom.