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RVA Pancake Love fundraiser wrap-up

“Definitely butter and syrup, and preferably the real stuff.”

The results are in! RVANews’s super unscientific survey of Richmond’s romantic life

Valentine’s Day. It exists, and it exists whether you complain about it or not.

The Lion in Winter: Relationships, man.

This Valentine’s Day, take your significant other to the newest Henley Street/Richmond Shakespeare production, and learn how not to handle a relationship. Or maybe learn how TO handle a relationship, depending on your definition of happiness. 

A complete guide to bringing a date to the art museum

…And enjoying romantic art and love 4ever.

5 courses of so-called aphrodisiacs

Aphrodisiacs ahoy! Get ready to get lucky with a menu of dishes that could possibly spark arousal even if your conversational skills and physical appearance fail to do so!

I’ll have to say I love you in a mixtape

Love is in the air and what better way to tell someone how you feel than to make them a collection of songs? Here’s how to recapture the possibly lost art.

The approachable world of relationship and sex counseling

Dr. Katherine Bettin is so warm and so welcoming, we couldn’t limit her to words on a page. This recorded interview will give hope to the lost and encouragement to the found.

What you’re going to do for Valentine’s Day

The guys at Ledbury got together, exchanged compliments about how sharp each other looked, and came up with things for all of us to do on the most pressure-filled night of the year.

What you’re going to give for Valentine’s Day

Don’t pretend like you don’t need gift ideas. You do. And here they are! A plethora of them!