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AnnMarie Grohs: See what you’re capable of

The owner of Boho Cycling Studio, AnnMarie makes it a point to go farther than she’s ever gone before. But, like, not just on special occasions. All the time.

lululemon Great Fit Challenge: Did they find it or what?

While the rest of us were sitting around doing whatever it is we do, our Fitness Week challenge winners were having an entirely transformative experience. Here’s how it went!

lululemon Great Fit Challenge winners!

We’ve teamed up with lululemon athletica to bring three lucky Richmonders two weeks of a personalized fitness plan at assorted local establishments!

Brooke Fricke: Do it for you and everyone you love

If you’ve spent all of Fitness Week getting more and more inspired to make a change in your life, here’s your final shove. Brooke Fricke, owner of Re:form Richmond, will make it her personal mission to make you live longer and be stronger for the people who need you.

Kids can get fit, too!

A few local options to get your kids on this fitness train…

Bryan Hooten: Be present

Several years ago, Bryan Hooten tried a couple of new things in a desperate attempt to feel better about life. It worked.

Amy Brachman: Let yourself feel good

Amy Brachman’s Superfun Yoga Pants helps legs find the pants that make moving fun. Her fitness philosophy? Find something to do that makes you feel as good as these pants do.

Matt and Austin Harris: Choose to eat better

The fitness philosophy of the brothers behind Health Warrior is easy for anyone to follow—make good choices, starting with what you put in your body. The rest will follow.