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Beyond the recycling bin: Earth Day all year long

We’ve all gotten pretty good at some earthy things that are now fairly second nature. But truth be told, we could be doing a lot more.

Finally! Arbor Day Concert at Pumphouse Park

Trees, bands, and pumphouses. It’s finally all happening, and we will not be rained out again! WE WILL NOT!

Side with the trees on Arbor Day

We need trees to live, but all trees ask of us is to stop destroying them. We are SUCH dummies about our planet, man.

The wickedly funny Amy Stewart presents “Wicked Plants” at Science Museum

The fun author of a fun book gives a fun talk at the Science Museum’s corresponding fun exhibit!

Earth Day Richmond Festival 2015 (plus a bonus 5K!)

The Earth Day Richmond Festival is back and bigger than you ever imagined. Also, you can run in a green race before you stuff your face.

Congratulations to Trailblazer Award winners!

Enrichmond Trailblazer winners have been announced, and, should you pass any of these fine folks on the street, be sure to remark to them that they have been instrumental in making your lives better. Because they have!

Get your hands on a better planet: Volunteer in the spirit of Earth Day

HandsOn Greater Richmond tells us how we can volunteer our way to a happier Earth.

Drive Electric RVA is ready to convince you

Ever been curious about how an electric vehicle could change your life and reduce the awfulness that we’re all doing to the planet? Now’s your chance to break into the (super welcoming) electric vehicle driver community!

How to choose your Richmond-area CSA

A CSA share is an investment in a farmer—in their farm and their labor, their sweat and their success. Part peak produce, part “Chopped” mystery basket, each share is a reflection of what’s fresh, really fresh, and in season, from kohlrabi to kale.

Whatever you think about meat, think a lot harder

Earth Day fast approaches, and there are big changes you can make to help out your home planet beyond being a champion recycler. Josiah Lockhart clues us into the worthwhile but daunting rebellion of sustainable meat farmers.