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Bicycle-passing bill advances

The Virginia Senate Transportation committee recently has approved a bill increasing the distance at which cars must pass bicycles from 2 feet to 3 feet.

Bill proposes animal cruelty registry for Virginia

An online animal cruelty registry will be established in the Commonwealth of Virginia this month if Senate Bill 32 is passed.

Student group designs bipartisan mental health bill

University of Virginia students have written proposed legislation that would require Virginia’s public universities to create and feature a webpage dedicated solely to mental health resources available to students.

House kills bill limiting overdose prosecution

Legislation protecting Virginians reporting drug overdoses was introduced earlier this month after years of lobbying by a Virginia Commonwealth University student organization, but the bill will have to wait to be heard during next year’s General Assembly.

Mask bill revamps 1940s felony law

Did you know wearing a mask in Virginia is a felony? It might not be for much longer.