Your daily bike race: September 22nd

So far, so good. No stories of someone’s ambulance being blocked access, and no stories about someone’s dog tripping up an entire peloton.

Photo by: Will Weaver


  • Well, we’ve done it again. American women have bested everyone else on their respective fields/turfs/roads! Chloe Dygert nailed the gold yesterday in the junior women time trials with a final time of 20:18.47. Hope you enjoy being second best, other countries…
  • …OH WAIT, you’re not even second best, other countries! American Emma White scored the silver, a little over a minute behind Dygert.
  • For the Under 23 men’s division, a Dane called Mads Wurtz Schmidt landed the gold, and I enjoy his name. At first glance, his time looks incredibly slow, and you may feel a surge of smugness that women finally found a way to physically triumph. But no, the men’s time trial circuit consisted of two laps (across the James, through VCU), whereas the women’s circuit was just one. Schmidt’s time: 37:10.96. 
  • Germans Maximillian Schachmann and Lennard Kamna were mere seconds behind.
  • No embarrassing bike theft, racist planes, or drunk drivers ruined the fun yesterday, that we know of.

Today’s Big Bike Action™

It’s more time trials today on the same circuit you’ve been living with–presumably cheerfully!–for 24 hours now. First up are the junior men, then the elite women. On Wednesday, it’ll all be whittled down to just one time block for the elite men time trials before we gracefully move on to road circuits! 

Men’s Junior Time Trials

Women’s Elite Time Trials

Roads and Reminders

Tired of yet? Well, don’t be. Navigate dot richmond2015 dot com is your friend! A friend with a very unwieldy name, but a friend just the same! 

Highway ramps, road closings–it should all be identical to yesterday. And don’t get cocky after 5:00 PM, Downtown Broad Street will be closed for the duration. I can’t help but to anthropomorphize the MLK Bridge on Leigh Street. I picture it squaring its bridge shoulders and enjoying its day in the sun. 

Here is your handy and lengthy complete September 22nd guide from the City itself. For everything else, check Don’t be a square, get over there (to the website). 

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Survival guide

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