Tune in tomorrow to see what happens next in the crazy soap opera world that is FIFA.

The world’s governing body of soccer has a long history of making dubious decisions. Here are their most recent WTF moments.

Update #3 — July 2, 2015; 10:22 AM

Inept FIFA Forces Women’s World Cup Opponents To Share Hotel

Makes for an awkward time at the free continental breakfast.

Morgan Brian’s collision raises scrutiny of FIFA’s concussion rules

This just in brain damage is bad, perhaps we should stop letting players play when their brain has been rattled.

FIFA president Sepp Blatter will not attend Women’s World Cup final in Vancouver

Surprising absolutely nobody. I was hoping for COPS in Canada FIFA Edition with Sepp running through an alley in a dirty white tank top.

Fifa arrests: US asks Switzerland to extradite officials

COPS in Switzerland FIFA Edition is still a possibility, fingers crossed.

Why bad refs are a huge problem for women’s soccer

An older article but seem appropriate after the blown calls during both semi-final matches.

Why men need to stand with women’s soccer to confront FIFA

Robbie Rogers speaks the truth.

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Update #2 — June 26, 2015; 9:18 AM

Sepp Blatter: Fifa president says he did not resign

Don’t ever change you crazy glorious kook.

Russia’s 2018 World Cup preparations are a mess, on and off the field

The projected cost for Russia was $22 billion but they don’t have $22 billion

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Update #1 — June 23, 2015; 9:31 AM

I’m on fire.

Is Fake Turf safe for Women’s World Cup soccer players and other living things?


Not well planned.

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Original — June 17, 2015

Close adviser reveals Blatter could stay on as FIFA president – Fox Soccer

The weight of decades worth of corruption became too much and Blatter the manical genius behind the curtain finally caved in and resigned. Or did he? All he needs is a hockey mask and machete to complete the evil trifecta.

FIFA targets female players with gender verification guidelines – ESPNW

An appalling double standard where women have to prove their women.

Nigeria’s harsh homosexuality policy comes to light prior to clash with U.S.

FIFA doesn’t feel a need to get involved in this particular issue despite it’s own mandate of “develop football everywhere and for all”.

Sums it up Nicely

Stephen A. Smith is wrong: Women’s World Cup players don’t avoid headers because of their hair

Not FIFA but definitely a giant pile of sexist WTF.

Brazil chief emulates Sepp Blatter with depressing sexist comments

You can read everything he says or just look at this:

Sepp Blatter’s Most Embarrassing Outbursts

There’s are older outbursts but always worth revisiting.

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