Willkommen! Want one of the foreign language UCI lamppost banners?

One of these can be yours! Or, rather, a print of one can. But still!

Photo by: Sam Davies

Ciao! (Italian)

You’ve been seeing those banners for about a year at this point, and you’ll continue to see them for a good while yet. They’ve got a shelf life of two to three years, according to Lucy Meade from Venture Richmond. 
But that doesn’t mean you can’t get your eager little hands on one! And for a kind of crazy-reasonable price.

Photo by Richard Hayes.

¡Arriba! (Spanish)

Craig Heirholzer of Green Graphics has acquiesced to the honeyed persuasive tongues of those at Venture Richmond and is willing to make them for cost, basically. You can order one at full size (30 inches by 96 inches) for $118.50 or half size (15 inches by 48 inches) for $90. 

Speaking from the vantage point of a business that makes merchandise orders, making prints like this one at a time, by request is a huge, expensive deal. So thanks, Craig!

Or as they say, “Thank you! (English)”

Here’s the form you need

Pick your language and include your desired quantity. “Worlds” refers to the general banner pictured above in the featured image of this post.

Send it to the information listed on the form, and then sit back and wait for your mega-cool souvenir of what I think we can all agree was the Most Surprisingly Enjoyable Time of our Lives.

Download the order form here (PDF).

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