VCU loses a heartbreaker

This article should have been written Friday morning. Unfortunately it is the protocol of my position to bear this burden tonight – less a recap than a personal journey.

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGM larry gets the block. shot clock violation…..our ball 11.6 seconds!!!!

Eric misses

Devastated? I don’t know if I have followed VCU basketball long enough to claim that. I’ll tell you what I am though – I am speechless. What follows is a collage of my night – my notes, literally my stream ofconscious as I had the privilege to watch VCU take the fabled UCLA Bruins to the final buzzer.


Keys to the game…Eric is Eric, Larry stays out of foul trouble, One role player steps up, Defense, Rebounds. Crowd numbers look encouraging. This is totally ridiculous…. you might remember my first VCU article LINK!!!!… Here I am in the NCAA tournament..sitting next to Michael Wilbon…..and john thompson… center court. every pep band plays rocky. Barack picked VCU. Also fans behind me say we (me and Marcus) are writing for “High Times”. Micing the bands = nice. VCU wearing black. Doug Wilder is here. Oh boy, 2 minutes till gametime. Kinda freaking out. I’ll be honest, UCLA tradition is intimidating that powder blue looks so nice – BUT VCU tradition of hugging all the coaches before the game wins hearts and games???? Band director’s robe!!! = VICTORY

First Half

Collison playing Maynor TOUGH to start game. The Eastern European guards the Eastern European. Larry foul with 18:36. Eric pretty fall away 17:53 leads to UCLA turnover times 2. VCU aggressive, Collison 1 foul 17:15. VCU full court press 16:21 subs Nixon Gwynn. Joey turnover 15:28. Gwynn 4 points 14:30. Joey 2 turnovers now…. seems to be mismatched. UCLA chicks are really hot…and mesmerizing. Rossell big 3 13:30. Controlling emotions on press row is tough. 13-11 12:00. nice DEFENSISE STAND 11:19 (Saintil, Burgess back in). Larry back in… 10:27 6 minutes on bench. Maynor takes collison. Tie game 10:17. Larry tight block 9:50. Collison fouls Eric 2nd times…seems like Eric can take him. UCLA turnover from press. I don’t know if UCLA can guard maynor. Their Eastern European hits two 3’s in a row 7:55. 22-15 UCLA. Burgess 3 7:25. Larry changes shots. JRod 3. 22-21 UCLA. UCLA turnover. Why does the UCLA band turn around all the time? JRod with the stripes in his head. Possessions while Maynor is on the bench: 1) turnover/def stop, 2) JRod gets fouled, 2 points, takes lead/ steal, 3) miss layup/foul on Larry. Back and forth back and forth TIE GAME. After taking the lead VCU got sloppy leading to turnovers, fouls UCLA leads 27-23 with 3:42 to go. CBS gets the damn printouts instead of me..eff. UCLA 3. VCU down 30-23, force turnover. NEED SOME OFFENSE. Down 32-23 off Joey miss. UCLA fast break. VCU turnover. UCLA 3. down 35 -23. FINALLY K.P. scores. Half ends. 35 – 25 UCLA.

Noteable Stats:

  • UCLA 14 points of turnovers to VCU’s 0
  • UCLA 54% from the field and 75% from three.
  • UCLA 7 fast break points to VCU’s 0
  • VCU 33% from the field
  • Eric Maynor 6 points

Half Time

Well, the UCLA dancers put on new outfits ++++…TWO TIMES!!!! The bball team changed their outfits too…jk jk. Those damn UCLA flags!! AND the band plays the Age of Aquarius?? HIPPIES!!!! WEST COAST DIRTY HIPPIES!!!

Second Half

I have so many emotions right now. Larry jumper to start the half. Larry STRONG move to the basket. KIRIL INJURED 18:00. Joey misses 2 threes off a series of def stops. Burgess 3 16:50 39-32. Larry nice def stops. Larry having a strong second half..rebounds, defense. Eric can’t be stopped, basket and the foul…Collisons 3rd. The stat girl wants to hang out, I think!?! I can tell by how she hands us the stats. Collison turnover. Took Collison off of Maynor. Larry has missed 4+ tip ins. Nice Eric floater. BOX OUT MOTHEREFFERS!!!!!!!. LARRY 3RD FOUL 12:12 45-38. DICK ENBERG CHEERS ON CHEERLEADER WALKING ACROOS COURT…AMAZING. 47-39 with 11:11….stalls, stalls. Ed Nixon, nice follow. UCLA T.O. Eric gets fouled to the line…..2 points. VCU foul on Gwynn… UCLA goes into bonus. Dragovich, one of those European sharp shooters. Sanders fouled hard down TOOOOOOOO long. Where’s that sweet Larry Sanders has a posse poster? Marcus has thousands and thousands of words about this game. 4 on Collison!!! Thanks to E., ref moderator marks that down as NO FOUL. 5 point game 9:10. Eric from the line has been a little rough. PTS OFF TURNOVERS 18-0 UCLA. UCLA 11 point lead with 8 minutes. Free throws!!!! DAMNFUKHHIT. LARRY JUST GOT TOOK, SAYS MARCUS and it’s true. 11 point lead still 6:37. 4-0 run 7 point game …HOPE then Larry gets 4th foul 5:14. 9 points 4:30. E 3. 6 points 3:30. Joey 3. 3 points 3:00. Can’t type shaking…3 points off Gwynn layup …1:57. some VCU chicks take off shirt. HUGE stop. FOUL!!! Bradford on the line with 1:19. BIG SHOT BRAD???? 2/2. UCLA GOES TO THE LINE 1/1, 2/2. Eric gets the foul goes to the line…2/2. 65-64 48.0….

Noteable Stats:

  • VCU 66% from the free throw line – 10/15
  • UCLA 28% from the field
  • UCLA 0 three point attempts
  • UCLA 100% form the foul line 14/14
  • VCU declined to come out for their press conference

Currently I am drowning my sorrows in trying to find all the UCLA dance team on Facebook. Insight that requires emotional distance and objectivity will not be found here. I will say these things:

  1. Larry Sanders is going to be a lottery pick in 2 years
  2. Everyone must write Coach Grant thank you cards and beg him to stay.
  3. Eric Maynor
    a. kinda made Collison look like a fool.
    b. might have a chance at a legitimate NBA career
  4. The future is bright.
  5. Goodnight.

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    Matthew E. White

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