First Half, Second Half, miscellaneous observations (not the least of which is teaching everyone a new cheer), here we go…

First half, second half, miscellaneous observations (not the least of which is teaching everyone a new cheer), here we go…

First Half
U-G-L-Y. Not that I would totally know as I spent the first ten minutes of the half worrying that Ross was going to kill me because I didn’t realize the game started at noon and at tip-off I was in my kitchen making my grocery list. BUT. I can read a box score better than anybody and I have these stats to prove it. 32% from the field, 25% from behind the arc for the half, and 7-20 on layups. VCU managed a meager 28 points in the first half averaging….. 1.4 points a minute. They turned the ball over 7 times, were out-rebounded on both the offensive and defensive boards, and would have ended the half trailing if it wasn’t for a fortuitous and svelte buzzer beater by one Eric Maynor. The best stat that you can wring out of the first half box score is K.P the Russian’s 6-6 from the free throw line.

Second Half
By the second half I had found a seat next to my press corps cohorts, a charming bunch if there ever was one. The half begin at the same kind of torrid pace that had characterized the first. 28% from the field, 0% from behind the arc, and an intimidating 4 points in the first five minutes (both teams combined). With 14:49 remaining Larry Sanders avenged a first half dunk that was called back with a monster follow up sparking a 20-8 run that put the game away for the Rams. Maynor played superbly in the second half defending, scoring, passing and making balloon hats for the fans (he really does do it all guys). The Rams pulled their field goal percentage up to nearly 50%, shot 32 free throws, outscored Hofstra in the paint by 18 points (yet were out rebounded?), held them to 35% shooting for the half, had four players in double figures, seven players who played double figure minutes and most importantly put another W in the win column.

Misc. Observations
1. The crowd was fantastic. Despite there being only 5,876 of them they were exceptionally tuned into the game, had creative and terribly offensive jeers for terrible and not-so-terrible calls (a must), could sense the momentum appropriately, and were, at times, even loud.

2. Speaking of the crowd….the players need to learn to do that “raise your arms/get the crowd involved” thing. It is so effective, especially in such a small gym. AND Larry Sanders has such a long wingspan it would be extra emotional and would def make your heart beat fast and your mouth yell louder things.

3. Despite my early season “worrying”…..some might call it “mocking”…..I now believe in Larry Sanders. Three double-doubles in five games. Larry if you read RVANews, I apologize for my early season “teasing”. I just got a 25$ gift card to Chili’s and I would be happy to take you out to make things better between us if you would like. Guys rank these establishments in order of “nice-ness”…Chili’s, Applebees, TGIFridays, Ruby Tuesdays, Olive Garden, Red Lobster. This is an ongoing debate in my life, it never ceases.

4. No one wants to see dudes flip down the court. Chicks walking on their hands across the court is 100x better. SYNCHRONIZED chicks are best…”elegant” as one of my charming press corps cohorts called it.

5. The Hofstra coach seemed genuinely excited that he and his team got to spend the night in Richmond due to inclement weather back home. “I love Richmond, not VCU…Richmond” were literally his words.

6. On being asked about the identity of his team, Coach Grant responded “defending and rebounding, if you can defend and rebound you have a chance to win every night.”

7. Heres the new hot cheer. copyright Eddie P.

Next Home Game: Saturday vs. Old Dominion

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