The streets are alive with Streets Alive!

Our picks for getting the most out of Streets Alive!, which has a mandatory exclamation point, because that is how much fun it is.

Sports Backers and the City (of Richmond) present the third annual Streets Alive! this Saturday from 10:00 – 2:00 PM at Byrd Park.

Sakes alive! You’ve never heard of this event? Maybe you’re too tied to your cars and mopeds and humvees to know how to use your dang legs.

Or perhaps you’ve heard of it but never ventured out, not knowing what to expect and not knowing why to bother.

Here’s your handy schedule, curated by yours truly, that we think will help you make the most of Streets Alive!

Handy Streets Alive! Plan

Burpee Competition

Don’t know what a burpee is? I didn’t either, until I watched this video, and hallelujah, that looks tough. A friend (or mortal enemy) of crossfitters, the burpee is no small feat. And if you’re good at them, please, by all means compete in this event hosted by Operation Enduring Warrior at 10:00 AM.

Mayor Jones Walking Tour

Walk around with the mayor! At least, I assume he will be there and that the tour wasn’t just named in his honor. If I were him, I’d demand something a little more lasting, such as that annoying place on the Downtown Expressway where two lanes come together to obliterate the lane in between them, which just ends suddenly in an awkward triangle. That doesn’t seem like it’s going anywhere. But enough about car things! Tour the course in the mayor’s wake at 11:00 AM.

Speed, Agility, and Quickness Obstacle Course

Presented by Daniels Performance Enhancement, this obstacle course will be…fun for the rest of us to watch. And you can also check just how nimble and quick you can be, Jack. No word on whether that involves jumping over a candlestick. These repeat throughout the morning and early afternoon, so hit up after the tour (say, 12:00 PM) or later on (1:00 PM) if you need a break.

Bike-Through Tour and Book Giveaway

Courtesy of the Richmond Public Library grab the bike that you brought with you (I hope) and check out what they’ve got to offer. You could also get free books, which is the only thing that gets me going in the morning.


Richmond 2015 invites you to take a break from all that activity and toss a few bean bags into a few holes. While you’re there, ask them if it’s true that 450,000 out-of-town visitors are coming to town? They LOVE that!1

Shaved Ice

While you’re cornholing, enjoy a shaved ice from Tikiz.

Rollerderby Demonstration

Admit it, you’re curious. Commonwealth Roller Derby Junior Rebels will give you a demo, so you can finally decide whether or not you’re going to take the plunge and strap on the skates. And if these kids can do it, so can you.

Conditioning Karate Circuit

You’ve had enough of a break, time to do a conditioning workout circuit from American Karate Center. It’s for both adults and children, but try not to get outshined by a tiny child. It will haunt you, but entertain us!

Kids Cooking Lessons

Someone please teach my child how to cook. He has got to start pulling his weight around this house. Send your child (and mine) over to Kids R Cookin’ for a demonstration, while you…

Get a sea salt hand massage

From Youngevity / Soul Purpose! And then a…

Pampering hand treatment

From BeautiControl. Your feet are going to be so jealous.

Active dancing demonstrations

Now that you’re all relaxed and your kid has maybe been able to finagle something delicious from that demonstration, it’s time to turn your self over to Turn Cardio Jam for exercising in the most fun way possible. Dance trance, urban ballet, yes yes yes.

Soccer juggling

The Kickers will be out to take you on (or to watch you take somebody else on) in a juggling contest. I would not go anywhere near that, as I would make an instant fool of myself. But I will be happy to watch YOU do it.


Richmond Volleyball Club will do some more sporty activities with your active tots involving, of course, volleyball and “target passing.” I have no idea what that is, but maybe it’s when you pass a Target and then you realize that you totally need some new underwear, some toothpaste, and a birthday present for your nephew, cross over four lanes of traffic and pulla quick U-turn.

Tricycle races!

I would literally pay money to see this. No wait, I meant figuratively, I won’t pay money for many things. But this is bound to be cute. It’s for kids, BTW, not your giant adult butt. Courtesy of Bike Walk RVA!

Bike juice

That is, it’s powered by a bicycle. It is not made of liquefied bikes. Pressed Juice will perk you up.

By all means, feel free to go off-list. There are plenty of other vendors and demonstrators around Byrd Park during Streets Alive!, it’s up to you to make the most of them!

Road closings and location info

RVA Streets Alive! will take place in Byrd Park and encompass the areas between Fountain Lake and Shields Lake. The event will close Boat Lake Drive, Swan Lake Drive, Lake Road, and Amelia Street between Shields Lake and Swan Lake between 8:00 AM and 3:00 PM. Check out a map of the route.

  1. Don’t ask them that. They do not love it. 
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