rvaRAMnews podcast episode 14: Through rain, and sleet, and snow

This week’s podcast comes to you despite a snowpocalypse!! That’s dedication, people.

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Show notes


2. We talked about Grand Canyon University earlier. What conference are they in and what is their mascot?

  • WAC and the Antelopes. By the way, Grand Canyon University is a three hour and fifteen minute drive from the actual Grand Canyon. That’s kind of like naming a school in Richmond the Blue Ridge University.

1. Juvonte Reddic’s season FT % this year is 55.2%, last year’s was 70.7%. It feels like he’s improved a ton since entering the conference schedule. Is his conference FT% better or worse than his % from last year?

  • Just about the same: 70.3%. He’s hit 10-12 in the last two games.

3. The wheels on the bus have fallen off at Richmond. Do you know what their FG% was against Rhode Island?

  • 21.1%!? That’s the worst perecentage since 2000-2001 season, and worse than when they shot 23.3% against Saint Louis last year. Kendall Anthony went 2-20 (7.6% on 2-pointers and 14.3% on 3-pointers).
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