rvaRAMnews podcast episode 13: Sacrifice your friends, family, and work

Another week, another tough loss to recap, but there’s big basketball ahead of the Rams!

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Corrections & Feedback

  • Last week we talked about Arkansas State’s Melvin Johnson III who, at the time, was #3 in the nation for 3-point percentage. I incorrectly gave his numbers field goal numbers as his 3-pointer numbers. His correct numbers are 64-131.
  • This is episode 13, for real.


Other stuff

Troy Daniels Signs with Houston Rockets: Call-Up Breakdown


1. Troy Daniels leads the NBA D-League in 3-point field goals made (5.3 per game), and he’s currently shooting 40.3%. Is that batter or worse than his final season at VCU?

  • It’s exactly the same!? In 2012-13 Troy Daniels shot 40.3% from 3-point range on 308 attempts (that’s 8.5 attempts per game).

2. UMass went 0-8 from the 3-point range against VCU. Was the last time UMass hit zero 3-pointers 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 years ago?

  • Eight. In the 2005-2006 season, UMass went 0-12 on March 1st at Richmond. UMass would go 13-15 that year.

3. This Saturday VCU takes on #10 SLU. Dating back to the Final Four what are VCU’s wins over top-20 teams?

  • 2012-13: #17 Memphis, #20 Butler
  • 2011-12: #18 Wichita State
  • 2010-11 / Final Four: #2 Kansas, #13 Purdue


  • Last week: How many points did Chaz Williams have? 20 (Aaron said 22)
  • This week: Will VCU beat SLU? Aaron said: yes.

Coach Mooney meltdown

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