Ross’s 2010 college football bowl-watching guide

Starting on Saturday you can basically watch a college football game every day for the next three weeks. Here Ross The Publisher offers up a list of must-watch games for you, complete with colorful commentary, lots of exclamation points, and even more ALL CAPS EMPHASES.

First, allow me to quote from the introduction of last year’s bowl-watching guide:

I am incredulous: the college football season is already almost over! It seems like just minutes ago I was packing up my stuff, driving eight hours to Atlanta, and watching the Hokies get beat by the Crimson Tide. GOOD TIMES.

Alas, what a sad, sad, prognostication. At least this year instead of the zillion hour drive back from Atlanta, I only had to stomach a shorter, although more sorrowful, drive back from D.C. But hey, what can you do? You “win some and you lose some”, AS THEY SAY.

Anyway. Starting on December 18th you can basically watch a college football game — of varying degrees of quality — every day for the next three weeks (35 games total). Sure, the good stuff, the meat and marrow of the bowl season, is that first week of January, but there is plenty to divest your family of quality time until then. Have you already withdrawn deeply (and are currently receiving “low balance” alerts) from your Quality Time Account? Fear not! I have compiled the below list of must-watch games for you! It is a service I provide! Enjoy!


MAACO Las Vegas Bowl

  • December 22 (Wednesday); 8pm; ESPN
  • #19 Utah (10-2) v. #11 Boise State (11-1)
  • Informally: The What Could Have Been Bowl

This is your first ranked match-up of the bowl season. HOW EXCITED ARE YOU — AND ON HUMPDAY NO LESS? After defeating Virginia Tech (womp) in their first game of the season, the Bronco’s Kept It Real until losing to Nevada in their penultimate game. Tough luck, guys!

Two points of interest: 1) Utah will play both “BCS Busters” — they were decimated by TCU 47-7 earlier in the season. 2) This is the first time since 2004 that BYU has not played in the MAACO Bowl.

AdvoCare V100 Independence Bowl

  • December 27 (Monday); 5pm; ESPN2
  • Air Force (8-4) v. Georgia Tech (6-6)
  • Informally: The Triple Option Bowl

Ok, let me ask you a question: do you like to watch dudes run with a football? Yes, you say? Well this is the game for you!

Georgia Tech averages 327 rushing yards per game while Air Force averages 317. That’s good for first and second in the country. Both of these teams use a wacky option-based offense that’s a lot of fun to watch.

Outback Bowl

  • Jan 1 (Saturday); 1pm; ABC
  • Florida (7-5) v. Penn State (7-5)
  • Informally: The Last Rites Bowl

How many people have coached Penn State in a bowl game? FOUR. TOTAL. EVER. That is crazy. This year Penn State continues it’s recent tradition of interesting Big Name bowl match-ups — losing the last two to USC and LSU.

But more interestingly, this will be Urban Meyer’s (supposed) last game as coach of the Gators. Meyer’s won two national championships at UF and retired once — I know that I’ll be sad to see him go. And guys! Could this be Paterno’s last game? That guy is EIGHTY THREE / IMMORTAL. I haven’t heard any scuttlebutt about his retiring, but seriously, SO. OLD.

Rose Bowl Game Presented by VIZIO

  • Jan 1 (Saturday); 5pm; ESPN
  • (5) Wisconsin v. (3) TCU
  • Informally: The Horn-Badge Bowl

Wisconsin, you may win this one by more touchdowns than TCU’s rank. The Badge has scored 201 points in its last three games. TWO HUNDRED AND ONE, nbd. Seriously, they scored 83 points in a game. That is many points.

Also, TCU is headed to the Big East after next season and a win over the best team in the Big 10 would get some of that 2011 mo’ moving.

Discover Orange Bowl

  • Jan 3 (Monday); 8:30pm; ESPN
  • (4) Stanford v. (13) Virginia Tech
  • Informally: The QB Bowl

First: HOKIES!

The Cardinal’s QB, Andrew Luck, is currently ESPN’s projected #1 2011 NFL draft pick. He’s lead Stanford to a 11-1 record — with their only loss coming against the Championship bound Ducks. But guys, Virginia Tech, Tyrod Taylor. Peep the numbers:

Pass : TD : INT Rush : TD Pass Efficiency Totals
Andrew Luck 3051 : 28 : 7 438 : 3 7th 3489 : 31
Tyrod Taylor 2521 : 23 : 4 637 : 5 13th 3158 : 28

The Cardinal doesn’t play a ton of great defenses out in the Pac10 (although they decimated Cal who has a top 20 defense): their opponents’ defenses average to 66th, while their opponents’ pass defenses average out to 68th. The Hokies will be one of the best pass defenses Luck has faced yet.

Tostitos BCS (Mythical) National Championship Game

  • Jan 10 (Monday); 8:30pm; ESPN
  • (1) Auburn v. (2) Oregon

It’s great to have a non-standard Championship match up, is it not?

While the warm and fuzzy sportsglow may be slightly diminished by The Cam Newton Scandal, I can tell you one thing that will not be diminished: Oregon’s uniforms. Once the most puketorious uniforms in all of college football the Ducks’ newest duds are fan-freaking-tastic. I mean, DID YOU SEE THEIR HELMETS LAST GAME? Augh, so awesome!

Plus, citizens, it is the final college football game of the season — the very definition of “must watch TV.”


Hyundai Sun Bowl: Miami v. Notre Dame

Could either team be more constantly Back than these two? Each year, people everywhere are convinced This is The Year for ND or The U. But, hey, each team garners a national following and this is a renewal of a decades old rivalry. Catholics vs. Convicts for life!

FYI, the two teams renew a yearly series in 2016.

Capital One Bowl: (9) Michigan St. v. (16) Alabama

Hey Spartans! Too bad the Big10 didn’t have a championship game this year, huh? FINALLY, the craptacular way the Big10 works comes to an end next year! Sure “SEC,” but you never know, Michigan State had some good wins this year.

Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl: (17) Nebraska v. Washington

The Huskies get a rematch against the Huskers! Sharper word play there has never been! Nebraska won handily the first time and probably will again. Plus, this will be Nebraska’s final game as a member of the Big12. So long guys!

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