Redskins: The offseason

The offseason. A time when Redskin fans gradually stop complaining about the team and start complaining about other things: the cold weather, then the humidity, then the humidity AND the Nationals

The offseason. A time when Redskin fans gradually stop complaining about the team and start complaining about other things: the cold weather, then the humidity, then the humidity AND the Nationals. Then, finally, before you know it, it’s time for the preseason.

I guess there’s this thing called the Super Bowl coming up on February 3rd that’s stealing people’s attention, but as a Redskin fan, I’m fairly neutral about both teams, the Ravens and the 49ers. I thought Steve Young was kinda awesome when I was a kid, so, sure, I’ll root for the 49ers. Then again, it would be cool to have two back-to-back teams win the Super Bowl but lose to the Redskins in the regular seasons. And by cool, I mean painfully ironic.

We’re only a few weeks into the offseason, and there has already been some drama, news, or whatever you’d like to call it. So I thought I’d take a minute to review the best and worst of the postseason…so far.

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  1. With the 49ers going to the Super Bowl, London Fletcher and Ryan Kerrigan will join Trent Williams and Lorenzo Alexander in Hawaii for the Pro Bowl. Sure, no one cares about the Pro Bowl, but it’s always nice to see our guys selected.
  2. Redskin fans were treated to a “Bill Belichick’s ungracious loser face” last Sunday when the Pats lost to the Ravens. How mad do you think Gisele was? Poor Tommy!
  3. No Redskin has a fake girlfriend. Oh wait! That’s not true. It turns out that four Redskins were Te’oed last year, all by the same person! So I guess this whole catfishing is really a thing? C’mon guys. I just hope Chris Cooley doesn’t fall for this nonsense.


  1. RGIII underwent surgery on his ACL and LCL almost immediately after our loss to the Seahawks. Many commentators (and, like, every doctor) expressed doubt about his ability to play AT ALL next season. I refuse to engage in this type of negativity (because I’m such a positive peach), and I have my support behind Dr. Andrews and his adorable sideline look. If he says Griffin will be ready for season opener, he will be ready.
  2. I had heard rumors that there was an investigation into the field (not so much a field but dirt spray painted green) conditions that ended up costing us dearly. I don’t get how Dan Snyder has enough money to buy whatever shiny object he sees, but he allows his investments to play on that “field.” Disgraceful, Dan. I would look for discussions about the price of synthetic turf in the offseason.
  3. The Hogettes have announced, after 30 years, they are disbanding. I mean, this is up there with RGIII’s injury. The Hogettes’ undying loyalty for the Redskins has kept many a fan’s hopes alive during the darkest days. When I worked downtown in Richmond, a friend of mine and I walked over to MCV Hospital for a quick lunch run where I spotted some Hogettes doing charity work. By my reaction, my friend thought I had spotted Brad Pitt. Nope, just some middle-aged guys in muumuus and pig noses. Thanks for the memories, guys!

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I guess we can all watch a stress-free Super Bowl next week. Maybe the commercials will be good? It won’t be long until we will all start worrying about the draft. Too bad we don’t have another first round pick until about 2050. But that’s OK because RGIII was totally worth it, and he’ll totally be ready for next season. Right, Dr. Andrews?? Until then, Redskins fans…


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Beth Petty

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  1. Beth on said:

    Ok, I may have spoken too soon about the Pro Bowl. Looks like Trent Williams won’t be playing after he was assaulted in a nightclub in Hawaii. I just…I don’t know what to say.

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