Redskins: It was a good run

Welp, it was a good run. No, it was a great run. But unfortunately, it came to an end on Sunday, when the Redskins lost to Seattle, 24-14, ending their season and their seven-game streak.

Welp, it was a good run. No, it was a great run. But unfortunately, it came to an end on Sunday, when the Redskins lost to Seattle, 24-14, ending their season and their seven-game streak. I came into this game already proud of the team. If we beat Seattle, awesome. If not, well, we still beat Dallas for the Division. But watching Robert Griffin III re-injure his knee was not at all something I had prepared myself for. Even in the first quarter, he still wasn’t playing to pre-Ravens potential, but Griffin was able to pull us to a 14-0 lead over Seattle. He stayed in after he aggravated the knee in the second quarter. Even that was painful to watch as he attempted a few short runs and weak passes, but then in the 4th, he twisted it after trying to scoop up a low snap and just fell. He couldn’t even move to recover the ball. It was terrible to watch (and thanks to Fox Sports for replaying it at least 53 times). Cousins came in, but it was all over. There was no way to stop Seattle after they recovered the fumble on the five.

The good news was that RGIII walked off the field unassisted. The bad news is that we have to wait to hear about the amount of damage that was done to his knee. Until we hear, I don’t think any Redskin fan will able to exhale. I also don’t think any Redskin fan will be able to shake nightmares of RGIII combined with those of Joe Theismann. It’s all too familiar.

Sunday’s game has turned everyone into a Monday Morning Quarterback (and I’m sure Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday Morning Quarterbacks). It seems like everyone has an opinion about whether Griffin should have been pulled for Cousins earlier in the game, whether Shanahan should have overruled Griffin when he wanted to play, and whether anyone ever listens to Dr. Andrews (who looked so adorable in his trench coat and Redskins ski cap). I’ll admit that I thought Cousins should have gone in at the half. Lots of people agree with me. Lots of other people disagree with me. I get both arguments. I know this is a totally a cop out, but I wish we could stop pointing fingers and just keep them crossed for good news. Hindsight won’t help anyone. A clear MRI may.

I’ll leave you for the season with one last thought. During last week’s Dallas game, I was on vacation in Panama, where I watched the game in a seedy sports bar in Panama City. One of best friends decided to put some money on the Redskins. My father taught me from a very young age never to bet on the Redskins. Looking back on the past twenty years, I guess it was fairly good advice. So I was floored when my friend decided to bet on the Redskins, but also a little impressed with her optimism. I thought I would share three things I learned from my Panamanian sports bar experience:

  1. Do not wear Lilly Pulitzer and expect any Central American sports fan to take you seriously about football.
  2. Insults hurled at Tony Romo in Spanish are just as amusing as in English.
  3. Maybe it is time for me to start betting on the Redskins.

Yeah, yeah, I know we didn’t win against Seattle on Sunday. What I mean is that for the first time in years, I’ve watched a team, a team that a lot of people (present company and Mike Shanahan included) discounted, come back with amazing heart and spirit to win the NFC East. I know I can be cynical and negative at times (OK, most of the time). Maybe I’ve been hardwired after so many heart-wrenching seasons rooting for my team. But this season has reminded me of why I will always support the Redskins. Yes, they disappoint me. They aggravate me. But they do so in the way that your little brother aggravates and disappoints you. I may not always like them, but I will always love them. So now I’m ready for a healthy team, a strong offseason, and a chance to bet on the Redskins next fall.

Until then, let’s hold our breath while we wait for news on RGIII’s knee and of course…HAIL!

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Beth Petty

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  1. Well said! Fingers crossed for a healthy RGIII!

  2. Daisy May on said:

    I think Lilly Pulitzer is absolutely appropriate for a dicey sports betting section of a casino in Panama. You just proved to all the Panamanian me the valuable lessons of: always expect the unexpected and NEVER judge a book by its cover! HAIL.

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