Rams abdicate home win streak to Monarchs

Well. That certainly didn’t go as expected. The nation’s fourth longest home-win streak was dashed into little itty-bitty bits by a rebound crazy team of Monarchs.

Rams fans, I — sheepishly — admit to being slightly tardy to this, the most epic of regular season (do they call it that in basketball?) games, due to an equally as epic tailgate experience. But, with two dollar drafts and Sausage Craft edibles can you blame me? YOU CANNOT.

Listen Rams fans: the home atmosphere you provide for your team is incredible — especially for big time games like this one. It is loud, electric, and a heck of a lot of fun. Richmonders are lucky to have a program like this smack dab in the middle of our city. Now if only we could keep a coach for a couple of years …

The first half; augh, the first half. The Rams couldn’t shoot, couldn’t rebound, and looked, generally, flat. The first VCU points came off of two Jamie Skeen free throws five minutes into the half making it 2-8. The *feel* of the first half was “missed opportunities” lots of missed transitions baskets and major players shooting horribly: as deep as 3:37 remaining Rozzell was 1-2, Skeen was 0-2 and Joey was 0-5. Yikes.

The second half was, unfortunately, more of the same. Just when the crowd, brought to life with sparks of hope, rose to its feet it would immediately be silenced by a VCU turnover or missed shot. The Rams came into the game shooting 44%, this game they shot 37%. If you think that’s bad how about this stat: VCU was out rebounded 40-21! And here’s another: Rozzell was the only player in yellow to score double digits. Double yikes.

Things certainly didn’t end well for the Rams who left the building with a 70-59 loss and an end to their 22 game home-win streak. But! All is not lost, VCU takes on George Mason Tuesday for a chance to reclaim a share of first place in the CAA. Things could be worse! Here, this will make you feel better:

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Ross Catrow

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