Flying Squirrels set new attendance record; averaged over 6,600 fans per game

Nutzy and his cohorts were among the league leaders in fan attendance this year.

The Flying Squirrels welcomed 434,769 fans to The Diamond this season, second among Eastern League teams. The team averaged 6,689 fans per game, setting a new franchise record.

You can read more about the Squirrels attendance and season here.

photo by Eli Christman

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Nathan Cushing

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  1. Wow, we sure do need that new baseball stadium they keep trying to cram down our throats.

  2. You do if you want to have a team to play in it. The Squirrels won’t stick around if we renege on our part of the agreement.

  3. Scott Burger on said:

    Speaking of reneging, remember when City Council said it would rescind the meals tax increase after the Carpenter Center was renovated for Center Stage? And so it goes…

  4. Paul Hammond on said:

    City Council raised the Meal’s Tax by 0.5% to subsidize Center Stage. Mayor Wilder converted that to the general fund a long time ago.

  5. I found something interesting if you go to Baskerville architects there is a proposal for the diamond already . look under sports and recreation , the rendering is very good and gives you a idea for that area . they call it PARKER FIELD . I hope this goes through . it will be very good for the city and the region

  6. I don’t think the squirrls are going to go anywhere for a while. They have the best attendance in baseball, and Parnell is a smart enough business man to recognize things are only going to get better here in richmond, all this talk about leaving, it’s just talk. They are far to vested in richmond to get up and leave anytime soon. Also 50 million dollars is a lot of money, if your really concerned about the good of the city, get involved with the schools- they sure could use 50 million and your advocacy.

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